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The Distributorship Company NEVER Sells The Product

Their websites universally suck.

Ok, so they LOOK ok, but they DO NOT sell the product, nor the Distributorship.

If you are a distributor, and you conduct business simply by referring people to the company site under your distributorship number, you won't make sales that way.

Distributorship companies do a notoriously bad job of actually selling product. They never make the case, they never explain the advantage, and they never display an effective sales pitch.

They are even worse about selling the distributorship. You never can get the details you need before you sign up, and even then it is hard to find.

They think they don't have to do that, they think it is YOUR job.

I think, if it is THEIR website, and THEIR business, they oughta know how to sell it better than you do, especially since they have promised you that they will TEACH you.

But they figure, selling is YOUR job. So they don't do it.

Problem is, they won't listen to YOU either, so their websites will be forever sucky.

So what do you do?

Rock that blog, my friend!

Tell people about the product.

Explain that distributorship. Pay attention to what people really need to know, and TELL them.

If the company complains, tell them that if THEY won't, YOU have to!

Tell them that you need to be one of the 1% that earns from their company, not part of the 99% that gives up without ever earning anything!

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