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More than just Web Development and Marketing! Laura speaks about business, websites, online marketing, scams and fraud, frugal spinning, mushroom identification and edibility, marriage and family in business, SEO, hiring and firing, telecommuting, graphic design, authoring books, and health and wellness. These topics are just All that is Laura.


All presentations are scalable for short overview or more lengthy in-depth presentation or workshop. Large audiences welcomed for presentations, and seminars. Class, Workshop or Round Table participants limited to 50.

IMPORTANT! If you want to hear what everyone else is saying, hire everyone else. If you hire Laura, you get tested and proven OUTSIDE THE BOX solutions that really work, not just the stuff that people SAY works because they want to sell you something more. Focus for Laura is ALWAYS on providing the information and instruction that will open doors to possibilities that make the participant say, "OH! NOW I get it! NOW I know what to do!". She wants to tear down barriers that keep you from doing the best thing, and presents information that does this in a way that leads to considering choices, far beyond what she presents.

Laura also focuses on Do It Yourself solutions, and BELIEVES passionately in truly TEACHING all she can to her students. She does NOT hold back on "trade secrets" just to make you have to buy something more to really USE what she's teaching. If she doesn't believe that an expense provides honest value, she won't recommend it, and for business, that means EVERY expense has to PAY for itself, richly.

This isn't frail and sickly appetizers. This is the MEAT, and POTATOES, with a SIDE SALAD and DINNER ROLL. And Strawberry Lemonade. Laura doesn't care if those things are Politically Correct. She only cares that they are NUTRITIOUS, and DELICIOUS. She wants to make sure you GET YOUR FILL of the knowledge that will help you LEARN the GOOD STUFF.

Handouts for these classes are provided for workshops, and available for download for seminars and larger appearances.

Laura NEVER uses PowerPoint. She DOES sometimes use overhead projection to present demonstrations of concepts from her computer (showing how to use software, where to change settings, etc). If participant reminder notes are needed they are provided on a handout, not on a screen. Laura DOES speak from a printed script, the information is simply too complex to do otherwise.

She is a dynamic speaker with a sense of humor, and her presentations are energetic and intelligent. They are fast paced, and laced with analogy and anecdotes to help facilitate understanding of complex concepts.

Some topics are NOT business Topics. This is just where ALL of Laura ended up!


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