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Recession Business Booster


The reality of web businesses changes during a recession. When the economy takes a dive, many businesses follow suite. How can you keep from going down in a recession?'

When economic changes occur, there may be opportunity if you react wisely. When there is a dip in one area, there are often gains in other areas. With many businesses, an intelligent adjustment in marketing and presentation strategies can help them to hang onto their market share.

By analyzing your products or services, and your target market, and by carefully considering their likely response to a financial threat, you can adjust your marketing, and perhaps your product or service offerings in a way that makes the most of the changes in customer response.

This isn't a quick assumption for any business. It is highly individualized - each business has to be considered on its own merits, and with its own target market. A new plan can be devised, and then carried out.

The feel of your website can be adjusted, usually fairly simply, to reflect the changes that you make to retain your market share. Your Website Content can be carefully adjusted to reach into a slightly different mindset from the Search Engines, and to keep customers coming.

This kind of adjustment need not be expensive - the last thing someone needs when facing economic crunch is to have to pay to hang onto a business that may already be fragile. The earlier you adjust, the more likely you are to be able to do so with good response.

How do you know if you need to adjust? Watch your stats. Compare them with growth trends for the previous year. If you see downward trends for a period of more than two months, then it is time to call in a pro for an SEO and Marketing assessment.

Voice your concerns at that time about potential affects from a recession, and we can help you devise strategies to broaden your target market, or shift the focus slightly to compensate for correlating shifts within the mindset of your customers. We'd be happy to help you devise compensation strategies. If you are starting a business, a recession can change the demand for many things. But there are things for which demand actually INCREASES during an economic downturn. We invite you to call us for a free consultation if you need assistance in determining the web potentials for your business.

It won't be easy for anyone if we are sliding into a serious recession. But with intelligent responses, smart business owners can hang on and ride it out.

Has Your Business Taken a Nose Dive?


We'll take a peek FREE.

That gets you a home page and one internal page site review, plus a basic stats assessment.

  • We look at just a few things, to let you know whether we think further help will be worth it.
  • If we don't think you can make MORE MONEY by spending on getting more help, we'll tell you.
  • If we think you can make the recommended changes yourself, we'll tell you that.
  • If you need to know HOW to do the things we recommend, that usually costs you a training fee (unless it is something very simple that can be answered in 1 sentence in an email.


$200 gets you all the info you need to turn it around:

  • Complete statistical analysis of traffic, keywords, market position, etc. This tells us what your business is currently doing, why people aren't buying.
  • SEO analysis and plan to make sure you are getting the maximum free traffic without getting penalized.
  • Marketing analysis and action plan. We'll go over what you are doing now, and what you can do fairly easily to step it up without burning out.
  • Multi-page analysis of your website and improvement plan.

We look at your marketing image, your business strengths, and how to maximize your position through improving image and building on strengths.

1 hour consultation - this is a personalized conversation with you, to learn where you are in your business, where you want to go, and what your resources are to get there, so all recommendations are things you can actually do.

This is valuable stuff, that you can act on, and it works. It will give you some suggestions for increasing traffic, improving quality of the traffic, and increasing sales once people are on the site. You get a full report with our conclusions, and recommendations. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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