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Webmaster Profitability Training

Laura has been teaching Webmasters for more than 20 years. She developed a 1 year course for teaching the entire enterprise, and her students were earning as a Webmaster within a few months of beginning the course.

You don't need to take it all. Just pick and choose the parts you need to overcome your challenges. We recommend that you focus on those things which will increase your earnings, and that is what THIS is all about.

Webmaster Profitability teaches you the things that differentiate a struggling webmaster who is locked into a marginally profitable hourly rate, from a thriving webmaster who earns hundreds of dollars an hour. Yes, that kind of earnings are really possible, and all from the $500 website, if that's what you specialize in.

We teach strategies to save time, work faster, work better, provide more benefit to your clients, how to charge less and make more, and how to get paid, and contracts that protect you AND the client. Economical Webmaster Tools, and Resources. This works for VAs, and other online service providers

You have the option to learn how to make fast headers, how to use Artisteer to speed up template production and alteration (the deep and really cool stuff, not the obvious stuff). Tips and tricks for PhotoShop, using Beyond Compare, and how to make business card or brochure files for your clients that they can alter.

So many things you need in order to really rocket your earnings.

You tell US what you want, and we CUSTOMIZE your training just for you.

Give us a call, and we'll help you know what will be of most benefit in increasing your earnings.

$100 per session - About an hour, usually goes barely over an hour.

Service Policy

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