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All the stuff that makes life interesting! Laura speaks about frugal spinning, mushroom identification and edibility, marriage and family in business, and health and wellness.

IMPORTANT! If you want to hear what everyone else is saying, hire everyone else. If you hire Laura, you get tested and proven OUTSIDE THE BOX solutions that really work, not just the stuff that people SAY works because they want to sell you something more. Focus for Laura is ALWAYS on providing the information and instruction that will open doors to possibilities that make the participant say, "OH! NOW I get it! NOW I know what to do!". She wants to tear down barriers that keep you from doing the best thing, and presents information that does this in a way that leads to considering choices, far beyond what she presents.

These topics don't really fit with Firelight Web Studio. This is just where ALL the rest of Laura ended up!


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Presentation Topics


4. Balancing Work At Home With Children - Trying to run a business with children in the home can make you just want to sit down and cry, but if you can work out a system, it can be an exhilarating and rewarding lifestyle. Being fair to the client/customer and your family, fast meals, prioritization, choosing flexible work, kids in the room, still being the Mom (or Dad), baby crying on the phone, swapping hobbies for work, systemizing your home and children, systemizing your business, etc. Actual help for work at home parents, taught by a mother who's children grew up with computer parts spread all over the diningroom table because Mom was repairing another system. Resource Flash Drive with ebooks, budget, self-calculating shopping list, marketing plan worksheet, Software List.

13. Couples In Business - Marriage in the crucible, division of duties, leadership in one or two sets of hands, everywhere together. Working a business as a couple can be the most amazing experience, but it doesn't happen by accident.e. (This seminar works well when combined with Self Employment And Work At Home Scams.)

32. Primitive Spinning For Women And Men - MUST BE BOOKED 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE AND PAID AT TIME OF BOOKING (3 Hour WORKSHOP - Additional $75 PER PERSON to cover book, fabric carry bag, 5 fiber pack [wool rove, silk, cotton, flax, bamboo, plus 2 colors wool, washed fleece, and unwashed fleece], spindle material pack, carding comb, nostepinne pack, knife, sander, double ended Sharpie for marking own items) (1 Hour WORKSHOP - Additional $39 per person to cover book, plastic carry bag, 2 fiber pack [roved wool, unwashed fleece] spindle material pack, nostepinne pack, knife, sander, double ended Sharpie) This is a GREAT class for couples! Spinning for resting the body, and to reclaim peace in your life. USES INEXPENSIVE TOOLS (Package CONTAINS all the tools you absolutely NEED to spin and wind wool, and instructions to make simple tools for blocking and drying wool). Covers making a spindle, making a nostepinne, spinning the different fiber types, pocket spinning, picking wool, washing and drying wool, simple fiber dyes. Both yarn and thread skills are taught. Requires some hand strength, but can be done from a recliner using methods taught in this class. Spinning this way CAN provide the foundation for a product or service line, but it is slow, and limited. (Supplementary income.) Spinning is also a great way to wind down when you've had those kinds of days, and it teaches a patience that can benefit a business in many ways. This spinning method is age-old, and you can do EVERYTHING with it, it is NOT a "limited" method, and if you can spin using THESE techniques, you can spin using a drop spindle, a spinning wheel, a kick wheel, or a lap wheel, or any other method, and you'll do it BETTER than you would if you did NOT learn this set of techniques. Gentlemen, come and learn the Kingly Art, and discover why noble men historically spun during their rest time, and learn WHAT they spun, and why. Men who spin always learn to specialize in something that their wives do not do well, and it allows a healthy and friendly cooperative competition in a marriage, and there's a thing that happens when a couple spins when they need to rest, and it's a good thing. (This class is ONLY available for locations that we can DRIVE to. If air travel is needed, we cannot do it.)

38. Mushroom Identification - (Yeah, that was unexpected!) Learn to ID more than 30 EDIBLE Mushrooms (none of which will be Portobello). How to tell them apart from Look-Alikes, when to avoid due to risk of deadlies, where to find wild mushrooms, how to handle them. Attendees should bring a laptop, or a cell phone. Internet connection required for best participation (If it is not available at presentation site, Laura will need to know ahead of time so she can prepare alternate demonstrations.). Learn to be confident in what you know and what you don't know.

46. Civilized Societies Eating Mushrooms - Rules for edibility (or why that "inedible" mushroom probably isn't actually poisonous), "sometimes suspect" mushrooms, mushrooms for mushroom haters, medicinal mushrooms, getting high makes people stupid, the different flavors of mushrooms. This is not a class for the paranoid. Healthy caution is required, but KNOWLEDGE helps to make one confident.

47. Stupid Crohn's Disease - Laura had Crohn's disease many long years ago. Her recovery was miraculous, but replicatable. Learn how she healed her own body, and how she continues to heal. No special diet, just nutrient dense food, and a traditional food philosophy, backed up by avoiding chemical contaminations. (This class is NOT for people wanting to validate a vegan, low fat, low salt, or low carb diet.)

48. Everyday Herbs For Health - The Rule of Edibility, Herbs in Your Back Yard, The Myth of the Herbal Pharmacy, How Herbs work differently than Medications, Why you DON'T want to have to treat strep with herbs, Good Food and Good Meat, Some Non-Herbal things to avoid, and a few that help. (This class is NOT for people wanting to validate a vegan, low fat, low salt, or low carb diet.)

49. Personal Defense Certification - (4 Hour Certification Course) A broadly diverse Personal Defense Course, which covers industry risks, preventive defense, defending with a disability, defending with a family, defending against rogue officials, proven defensive tactics, psychological aftermath, phone use, handheld defenses, knife carry risks, dealing with confrontation, judging threat levels, dealing with the psychologically unsound, pushback and retaliation, Constitutional issues, and personal firearms training tips. Contains information and instruction that is not covered by the average course. Common sense approach to handling risky situations with greater confidence.

50. Growing Naturalized Mushrooms - (This means out of doors in their natural habitat.) How mushrooms grow, how to cultivate them out of doors, growing times,  fruiting issues, required conditions, expanding mycellium on media, water issues, large mycellial mass mushrooms, mycorrhizal mushrooms, easy naturalizers, risks of mistaken ID.

(Is it the end? Please tell me this is all of them!)

(It will never be all of them. She keeps learning. As long as she's learning, she'll keep talking. She should have called this page "Laura won't shut up".)


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