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Client Comments

The following comments are actual customer comments, made by people who have dealt with Firelight Web Studio, or one of their associates.


I've been so busy that it wasn't until today that I was able to read the 2 eBooks that you sent me. I have to say the I am very impressed with your level of honesty and integrity that comes through in your eBooks. Your chapter entitled 'The Power of Co-operation' blew me away. I never imagined that I could meet someone like you, whom I can trust, in the business sector so soon. - Sharon


After trying to create my website on my own with minimal web design experience to no avail, I hired Firelight Web Studio to handle the design of my logo and my website and I love my new site. They did an excellent job on getting to know my needs and listening to my input. Laura was extremely helpful and prompt in replying to any questions or concerns I may have thrown at her. Awesome Job! - Tracy Collins - Collins Admin


I'm the most computer illiterate person ever. I had checked out at least 4 different self-help books from the library, most of them with Dummy or Idiot in the title, to help my build a workable website. I couldn't understand more than a page of what they were talking about. Then I found Firelight Web Studio! With step- by- step help and instructions, I was finally able to do it! I learned so much about computers and websites that I actually feel smart! Thanks more than you know, Laura! - Robyn Fish - Parties to Print


Laura, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you in a contest called 'Edge Across America' hosted by the Ford Motor Company. The grand prize is a free car, and I nominated you because the contest is about people who are inspirational to others, even through adversity. - Diane Tegarden, Firewalker Publications


Laura, I am impressed. I have known a few, very few, people who can move as fast as you, or who think so completely, so fast. You remind me of Mozart who heard his symphonies all together, all at once, every part, instantly. He hated then writing it all down, since it was already complete in his mind. You seem complete, together, and ready to roll. - Joel Black PhD - Education Leadership Dynamics, in response to his reviewing of our Training Program

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