Graphic Design and Page Layout Services

The talent and eye for design, combined with marketing know-how, ensures that your marketing materials send a unified message that suits your target market. We've designed logos and produced custom graphics for a wide variety of businesses. We understand that subtle messages in your materials makes a big difference to your success.

We offer the following services, at highly competitive rates:

Hand Drawn or Heavily Artistic Header - $450 – From a photograph, or from a concept. Professionally drawn, totally original. Suitable for printed publications, websites, etc. You get two sizes of image, plus the PhotoShop file.

Fully Custom Website Header Design - $175 - You specify size, mood, details, etc. We create the header, and guarantee your satisfaction. You get a single size image, plus the original PhotoShop file. Simple modified photo header with two fonts is $95.

Website Template - $250 INCLUDING Custom Header Design. $150 with Simple Modified Header.

Logo Design - $150 - Custom design, satisfaction guaranteed. You get a high resolution copy that you can use on printed materials, and a scaled copy that you can use on the web. We give you the original PhotoShop file also, which can be edited easily by any professional. Simplified logo is $75.

eBook Cover Design - $600 - Satisfaction guaranteed, design will suit your book topic. You get cover file, plus component images, in finished format, and the original image editing files.

Newsletter Template - $95 - Web or Print. You get an editable template file that you can change as you need. Sharp, clean layout. Modify colors on an existing template is $25.

Web Banner Ads - $60, or two for $100 - Effective, high impact banners for web advertising. Standard sizes available. You get the banner, and the original PhotoShop file.

Web Button Ads - $45, or two for $80 - Buttons require specialized skills, to fit a lot of meaning into a tiny space. Standard 125X125 size (smaller sizes on request). You get the finished button, and the original PhotoShop file.

Animated Banners - $95 - Unlike many designers, we make sure the frame rate is set for maximum impact and understandability. Limit of 5 frames. You get the finished animated GIF file.

Animated Button Ads - $75 - Simple and effective animated buttons. Fit more impact into a small space. Limit of 5 frames. You get the finished animated GIF file.

Business Card Design - $55 - You get a template that you can print on demand, and which you can edit yourself to make simple changes later on.

Brochure Design and Layout - $175 - We provide you with a completed brochure that you can print on demand, or change as you please to update details later on.

Letterhead Design - $50 - Editable and printable letterhead file for your word processing program. Letterhead design with your existing logo is $20.

Label Design - $50 first one, $30 each additional if several similar designs are needed. We design labels of all types -Address labels, Product labels, Warning labels, and more. If you just need a label PDF with your existing logo on it, the fee is $20.


We'll offer discounts on multiple items, and we always make sure you really are satisfied.

We have male and females on our staff, so you are not stuck with a single design style or perspective.

Give us a holler and see whether we can bring your vision to life!

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