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Free Website Assessment


A Valuable Free Service Whether you hire us or not, this Assessment can provide you with information to help you save money, and earn more from your website.

NOTE: We offer a more detailed Assessment and Report that costs $200, which includes stats review, and a consultation. The Free Assessment just gives you a quick idea of whether there ARE significant issues holding you back.

What do you get?

  • Information on your website design - are there things about your design that conflict with your primary marketing message?
  • Information about your web writing - is it helping your business to present a professional and effective message?
  • Details about your website code - is your site coding interfering with getting search engine traffic?
  • Professional assessment of your site layout - is your site organized well, and is the layout easy for people, and search engines, to find what they are looking for? All this, and more, in a report that you can use as you choose.
  • We provide you with a simple report about what is good about your site, as well as the elements that may be holding you back. This report costs you nothing, but can make a huge difference in the profitability of your website over time.

How do you get it?

Simply contact us using our contact link, and ask for your free assessment. Give us your URL, and tell us if there is something specific that is bothering you or that you are frustrated with.

Contact us today, and get the free help you need to get started right with improving an existing site, or building a new one.

Service Policy

We reserve the right to refuse service
to any business that we feel violates our clean site policies,
or which violates our "safe business" policy.

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