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NOTE: Search Engine Optimization is ALL about the LANGUAGE! We ALWAYS use native English speaking writers and reviewers for all SEO work.

Meta tags are no longer a positive factor for search engines, so we do not bother wasting your money on things that do not impact your search engine results (no matter what the automated services say). We simply WILL NOT take your money for things that you won't see a return on.

We focus on the things that really matter.

Service includes:


  • First Paragraph Optimization OR Total Content Optimization (depending on the package) – text is optimized to be people friendly, and to ensure that your site indexes well with search engines. Content optimization may consist of wording changes or complete sentence or paragraph rewrites to be more understandable, to contain words people are using to find it, bolding to draw attention to key points, and other changes to rank well with search engines (they look for original and relevant content). Content Optimization is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in your whole site.
  • Site Organizational Optimization – ensures that your site is easy for PEOPLE, and for Search Engines to find their way around.
  • Page Title Optimization - one of the critical factors for understanding what the page is about, the right title helps bring in people who are interested in what you have.
  • Image Title Optimization – for image heavy sites - helps get good traffic based on image content
  • Product Description Optimization (First paragraph OR total description, depending on package) – Make sure your product descriptions sell product and help you get traffic.
  • Third Month Traffic Analysis (Follow Up) to help you see what the results are, followed by adjustment if needed.


Tactics used are all high ethics tactics. We do not do anything which will endanger your site rankings, and we do not take shortcuts. The tactics used are all solid and proven methods for increasing quality and amount of traffic.

NEWS FLASH!!! If we optimize your site, and you do not mess with what we did, it STAYS optimized! No need to redo SEO every month, every year, or EVER again, except on NEW pages you add, or to fix alterations you make to existing optimized pages.



Lifetime SEO Service:

$400 (regular price $500) (for up to 20 pages) $15 for each additional page

Contains everything listed above, but is limited to First Paragraph Optimization on content (product descriptions or informational pages).


Premium Lifetime SEO Service:

$1200 (regular price $1500) (for up to 20 pages) $40 for each additional page

Take Your Website to the Next Level. Contains all services with FULL Content Optimization (informational pages or product description).


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We reserve the right to refuse service to any business that we feel is not family friendly, or which violates our "safe business" policy.


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